sunday-salon-2Another stressful week interrupted by a  bout of illness which left me unable to read much 😦


No increase in my tally for the TBR Double Dog so still at twelve books (although I have actually read fourteen in total). I didn’t finish anything this week and didn’t really make huge progress on those books I did start.

I read a couple of short stories on Kindle for the King’s March challenge.

In progress

As planned last week, I have made a very very slow start to Vanessa & Her Sister which I would really like to finish this coming week in preparation for the Bloomsbury event on 24 March, and I’m also about a quarter of the way through Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge.

The Jane Eyre Update

Haven’t started it yet because of illness but I have re-worked my reading plan and still think I can finish it in the six weeks before the book club discussions.

New Books

No new books this week, the embargo is holding with only two and a bit weeks to go 😀

This should be the last of the really horrible work weeks coming up and I feel much more inclined to read so hoping to make lots of progress.