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So, back from my hiatus which was entirely due to a lovely three week break including two weeks in Italy where, because of luggage restrictions (four of us travelling by car in Umbria and Tuscany) I finally succumbed and used the Kindle app on my iPad rather than pack physical books.

I have now fallen totally in love with the thing and managed to get through five novels which is the most I’ve read for ages. It has also left me with a backlog of posts for both here and Bride of the Screen God which I meant to catch up with before going back to work tomorrow, but best laid plans etc. I spent the time on laundry and going to see Looper (loved it) and visiting the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at the Tate (overwhelming).

But new stuff also came into the Bride’s residence this week:

Film & TV stuff:

  • Cabin in the Woods – DVD and visual companion, thoughts on the film here
  • The Big Bang Theory S1-5 boxed set, because lots of people (well 4) whose opinions I value said I would love it
  • Marvel Avengers Assemble,  just because I had to have it (even though I still hate the title – as I said here)


  • Dolly by Susan Hill because we all need a ghost story for Hallowe’en
  • Garment of Shadows by Laurie R King, because I love Mary Russell
  • Frank’n’Stan  by MP Robertson which looks lovely and is a nice placeholder for seeing Frankenweenie when it finally gets out over here
  • the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition catalogue

I’m currently trying to decide which books to read next but definitely want to keep the momentum from my holiday going.

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