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1216180084465863391Chrisdesign_birthday_cake_svg_medBlimey, my blog is 7 years old today! Absolutely no idea how that sneaked up on me but there you go. It has been and still is a lot of fun and I will write a proper post soon as I have already read five books this year and am trying to avoid a backlog of reviews. But it’s January and I’ve had a nasty cold and post Christmas lull and those are my excuses (for what they are worth). Some of you will know that I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes so the imaginary cake is the closest I’m going to get to sugary celebrations today!

LAR Button FinalSo the year of no challenges (which in my head was really the year of very few challenges) is only six days old and I’m already committing to my second. This is Long Awaited Reads Month where the aim is to pick up books that have been on my radar for a while but not yet read.

I haven’t decided what to go for yet but it will be one of these three (all in my collection as hardcovers bought when first published):

I suspect I might go for Jonathan Strange simply because I am so so cross with myself that I haven’t read it yet.

You can find more about LARM on Ana’s blog here.

horrorbutton2014The first day of the year has been grey and wet, wild and windy and started to get dark before it ever seemed to have been light. Also our house was quiet. Too quiet. I found myself unable to settle to anything so began fiddling about on Twitter.

Twitter is a dangerous thing.

For I came across a tweet referring to the 2014 Horror Reading Challenge, and despite telling myself that after my best reading year since beginning this blog I was only going to read on a whim and/or for pleasure in 2014, I find myself drawn to this challenge. It runs from today until 31 December and I’m signing up for Running Scared, which means reading between one and five books.

This sneaked up on me unawares so I haven’t made a book list. First thoughts are that this is a good forum in which to have another go at Joe Hill (so far a 1-1 draw), dip into the various short story collections I have on my Kindle app, and also gives me the excuse to re-read Carrie (an idea I’ve been toying with for ages.)

Let’s see how that all works out.

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