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sunday-salon-2A much better week and quite a bit more reading done and new challenges and bookish things coming up so I am in a very good mood. For now at least ūüėÄ


My tally for the TBR Double Dog stands at thirteen books (although I have actually read sixteen in total).

I re-read (and was pleased to find it stood the test of time) Carrie¬†for the¬†King’s March¬†challenge.

And today I signed up for Once Upon a Time IX with a launch post which you can read here. That’s a long list.

Oh and I’ve decided to re-read The Voyage Out, Virginia Woolf’s first novel which celebrates the anniversary of its publication this week.

In progress

I finished the very wonderful¬†Vanessa & Her Sister¬†in plenty of time¬†for the Bloomsbury event on 24 March, and I’m also now just short¬†of halfway¬†way through¬†Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge. And I decided I would also try to squeeze another Stephen King novel in so on Saturday afternoon I started Cell which I had completely forgotten I had until it caught my eye while I was looking for something¬†else, and I’m working my way through that at a rate of knots.

The Jane Eyre Update

I have actually made a start with this and I’m three chapters in and already finding Jane herself to be a bit of a pain but I’m going to persevere, though I need to get moving.

New Books

No new books this week. I am counting the days until the embargo finishes and I can go on a wee bit of a spree.

There are a couple of lovely bookish events coming up this week so it’s all very exciting.

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