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sunday-salon-2I can see light at the end of the tunnel in relation to work and a couple of long weekends are on the horizon so although I’m still not reading huge amounts I’m pleased that I’m ahead of my target for the year.


My tally for the TBR Double Dog stands at fourteen books (although I have actually read seventeen in total). I’m not sure this is going to change with only two days left in the month but you never know 🙂

I squeezed in another Stephen King novel (Cell) for the King’s March challenge. I seem to be one of the few people who actually quite likes this (though it is not his best, it was just what I needed).

I haven’t really started my reading for Once Upon a Time IX but will definitely get into it this week, and I am continuing to re-read The Voyage Out, though I’m only a couple of chapters on so far. I delayed the start to line up with others who were opening the book on the anniversary itself (which was 26 March, fact fans!)

I keep on forgetting that I’m also taking part in the 2015 Horror Reading Challenge. I’ll be posting the first quarterly update on my progress soon.

In progress

I got my hands on the new Christopher Fowler novel (Bryant & May and The Burning Man) and started it immediately – couldn’t even wait until I got the book signed, which I did at Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue. This is a series I have been following religiously and this newest entry is a corker. I am also continuing to read Kipling and Hardinge (as you can see from my sidebar).

The Jane Eyre Update

I have still only read three chapters but intend to make progress this week. I’m not going to let this linger like Jonathan Strange – if I don’t make headway over Easter I am going to set it aside.


I was lucky enough to attend a Bloomsbury Institute event with Priya Parmar, and I wrote about it here. If you are at all interested in the Bloomsbury Group you should read this excellent novel, I thought it was lovely and enjoyed my chat with the author (and have a lovely signed copy now).

New Books

The only new book was the Fowler mentioned above but I am glad the embargo is nearing its end. I was a little unwell on Saturday and it took a real effort not to go on a bit of a spending spree. But I have a shopping list and come midnight on Tuesday there may be some download action going on!

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