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KingsMarch_zps31f8f79eSo as if there wasn’t enough going on at the moment, I’ve decided to take part in the challenge/event, hosted by Wensend and Fourth Street Review, with the aim of reading as much Stephen King related stuff as possible during the month of March.

As the hosts say:

All you have to do to participate in this event is to post about at least one thing King-related. You are free to read as many King books or watch as many King movies as you want, but you can also stick with just one book (some of the books are real chunksters).

I am a huge King fan, and have been since I read Carrie when I was 15 (just as it came in paperback over here in the mid 1970s). So, given everything else on my horizon I’m going to commit to reading as many of the following as I can before the end of the month:

  • a Carrie re-read – this is long overdue
  • one of his most recent novels, Revival, which I gather has more than a little Lovecraft about it
  • Mile 81 – an original eBook
  • In the Tall Grass, another eBook, written with his son Joe Hill

That should be doable, I think šŸ™‚

sunday-salon-2So here we are; March and (hopefully) the first signs of Spring. Time for a round-up of February.


My tally forĀ theĀ TBR Double DogĀ continues to stand at elevenĀ books;Ā I haven’t finished anything since my last Salon post because of Life and most particularly Work.

In progress

This week was dominated by staying up all night to watch the Oscars and subsequently slumping for most of the following day (which I had taken off.) I have been dipping in and out of the books shown on the blog sidebar; I’m hoping to finish a couple soon and have a small pileĀ pulled from Mount TBR to select from next.


I attended another bookish event at my local Waterstones, a reading from her new novel Touch by Claire North (who wrote The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August which is the last book I finished and which I shall review shortly. It was a really fun evening, Claire is very bright and engaging (and young; she published her first book at 14 and writes under three different names); her new book sounds very intriguing (and I got a signed copy!)

The Jane EyreĀ Update

Now Ā that Jonathan Strange had been set aside for now (if not for good) I am going to be reading Jane Eyre as mentioned in my last salon post. Haven’t started it yet, but I have A Reading Plan. I’ve promised myself that I will not persevere if I’m not enjoying it. I have a long-standing problem with reading Charlotte (as I do with Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy) but perhaps this will break my duck.

New Books

So the book buying embargo is continuing to hold. More or less. I had pre-ordered The Death House which I reviewed here having read the bound uncorrected proof but I know I will want to read this one again and so downloaded it on publication day. I also bought Touch (as mentioned above) because you really do have to buy the book if you want the author to sign it šŸ˜€

BUT – I did break the rules and buy a copy of Goth Girl and the Pirate Queen on Kindle because World Book Day plus I love Chris Riddell and….. just because. But I do intend to persevere into March with the banĀ for as long asĀ I can….

That of course depends on how awful work is going to get over the next two weeks; the potential for horrorĀ is definitely there and book retail therapy may be required!

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