sunday-salon-2A stressful week at work where I really thought I wasn’t going to get anything read (not for relaxation anyway) but which improved immeasurably at the end.


My tally for the TBR Double Dog stands at twelve books (although I have actually read fourteen in total).

I finished Revival by Stephen King (reviewed here) and an excellent book of short stories, Irregularity (review to follow in a few days) and read the newest Goth Girl short novel for World Book Day on Thursday (but doesn’t count towards the dare because I bought it recently).

I’ve also joined a new challenge, King’s March, which only lasts for a month but gave me an excuse to read the King novel and permission (as if I really needed it) to re-read Carrie.

In progress

I have weeded out my reading list and set a few of the non-fiction book aside, clearing out my currently reading widget on the sidebar just to show fiction; that’s because my non-fiction reading tends to be erratic at the best of times and when I’m very tired (as I ave been recently) I just can’t cope with real things. So just about to start Vanessa & Her Sister (as I’m intending to go to a Bloomsbury event with the author later in March) in hard copy and Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge (which is up for the James Herbert award) on Kindle. I’m doing a lot of commuting this week so hopefully will get some proper reading done.

The Jane Eyre Update

Haven’t started it yet, because tired, overworked and stressed, so my Reading Plan is already out of sync, but I have until late April to read this so still hopeful of participation.

New Books

No new books this week, the embargo is more or less holding with only three and a bit weeks to go 😀

The upcoming week is going to be my heaviest for a wee while so hopefully reading will help. Or I may just curl up in a ball and whimper….