shadows-fall-simon-r_-green8910_f.jpgI love fantasy novels, but have sometimes found that they don’t live up to expectations, so having banged on about this one to the Book God for years, and having finally got it as a Christmas present (not last year by any means) I was peculiarly reluctant to actually make a start. It wasn’t the cover that put me off – I think it’s rather lovely in it’s own way, though what attracted me to the book initially was the original cover showing the scarecrow shadows-fall-original.jpgJack Fetch. I think it was that having wanted it for so long I would have been so disappointed if it hadn’t lived up to the expectations I had. I needn’t have worried. I really, really loved this book; it’s another of those too engrossing to read on the train – I nearly missed my station again – and I read the last two hundred pages in one sitting. It’s almost too complicated to describe, but basically there is a town called Shadows Fall presided over by Old Father Time, where real people and imaginary creatures and characters live alongside each other, where legends go to die when no-one believes in them any more.  The town is in danger – a serial killer is on the loose and a prophecy about the destruction of Shadows Fall appears to be coming true. There are about two dozen key characters around whom the story revolves, which may sound a lot, but I found myself so wrapped up in the story that keeping track of them all didn’t prove too difficult, and none of them felt superfluous. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I know that some have found the ending difficult to swallow, but I just loved it, and it will definitely be on the re-read pile.