georgemackaybrownthelife48415_f.jpgThe final batch has a Scottish theme, (which makes sense given that that’s where the Book God and I spent the larger part of our holiday!) although the first book was actually bought in Carlisle. It’s a biography of George Mackay Brown, the Orkney poet and novelist, whom I have found fascinating ever since I had to study Greenvoe in school at the end of the 70s.  The biography is by Maggie Fergusson and has some fine endorsements from such as Allan Massie and Claire Tomalin, so I hope to learn a great deal about this rather enigmatic man.

maryofguiseinscotland15448423_f.jpgThe other books are all Scottish history, one by Alistair Moffat about the Borders which, although I have visited often, I know very little about other than the obvious stuff. The others by Rosalind Marshall and Pamela Ritchie are about Mary of Guise, mother of Mary Queen of Scots and regent while her daughter was living in France. I’ve been looking for material about her for a while, and like buses two came along at once, so the sixteenth century stack piles ever higher.