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bonestoasheskathyreichs47638_f.jpgThe latest Temperance Brennan novel hasn’t disappointed, another pacy tale about our (well, my) favourite forensic anthropologist. This time around the focus is on a friend from Tempe’s past who disappeared as a young teenager, never to be heard from again, until the finding of some young bones starts Tempe wondering again what happened, and she enlists the help of a friendly cold case detective to solve the mystery, alongside several other cases on which she is working. Add to that tensions in her relationship with the lovely Andrew Ryan and the arrival of Tempe’s sister and you have a good story which I read in a few train journeys to and from work. Admittedly it gets a bit thrillerish towards the end, and I did guess what the mysterious illness the bones girl had suffered from, but I learned a bit about the Acadians of Canada and more than I needed to about processing bones for analysis so honours are pretty much even. I much prefer the novel version of Tempe to the one that appears on TV in Bones, but have noted that the Book God enjoys the series never having touched the novels, so suppose its horses for courses once again. I have caught up with my Kathy Reichs reading now so will have to wait a while for the new one, presumably coming out next year.

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