A Whitby theme, as this batch of books was either purchased in the town on our recent visit or has the town as it’s setting. There is a fantastic bookshop there which we always visit and I don’t think I have ever left there empty handed. One of the great ghoststoriesv1bbcaudio48378_f.jpgdiscoveries this time was an audio CD of Sir Derek Jacobi reading MR James’ ghost stories – I was thrilled to find this as our original taped version with Sir Michael Hordern has vanished into the mists of time, and the stories are great for listening to in the car, particularly when driving over the North Yorkshire Moors in the rain. I will be looking out for volume 2. I also picked up two books by Paul Magrs, Never the Bride and Something Borrowed, both featuring Brenda and her Whitby B&B, and of course a supernatural element; these have been well-reviewed and look like a a nice addition to the Gothic stack.  And finally, friends have suggested that I try Peter Robinson’s work, so I thought I would start with Caedmon’s Song, a standalone psychological thriller which looks intriguing.