whitecorridorbryantmay547505_f.jpgThe latest in the Bryant and May series of crime novels is set in Britain’s coldest winters in many years. Against the backdrop of further attempts to close down the Peculiar Crimes Unit, our heroes are stuck in snowdrifts on their way to a psychic convention, with a killer apparently prowling amongst the stranded vehicles and a woman and her son seemingly on the run from a serial killing stalker. To make matters worse, back in London one of their colleagues has been murdered and the crime has to be solved before the inconvenient visit of a minor member of the royal family. I have mentioned before that I am devotee of this series, but I found it quite difficult to get into this one, perhaps because of the structure which flicks backwards and forward between the three stories, but I am glad I persevered as the solutions to all of the mysteries turned out to be interesting and, indeed, peculiar . My favourite character, Sergeant Janice Long, really gets to show what she can do, which made it even more enjoyable.