The slump continues. I still haven’t finished anything though I did do a bit of reading this week, though not as much as I would have liked because there was a dinner, and then a champagne and cocktail evening, and lots of work and dentists and at the end of each day I just collapsed all of a heap and couldn’t concentrate on anything.

I haven’t even made up the Christmas list I mentioned last week, though I have ben mulling over what it will include.

I have, however, been receiving pre-ordered books this week, much to my excitement and this bodes well for getting my reading mojo back. I’m not abandoning the book that I have been reading for 3 weeks because I do actually want to know who the murderer is and why. But on to the new stuff.

Physical books

These are both collections of short stories by two of my favourite authors.


These four are all novellas so I should have no excuse for racing through them.

I was also lent a book by my friend The Moff – The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, and once again I will be the last person in the known galaxy to read this, so don’t tell me what happens!