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Well, that was a longer break from the Salon than I intended. I was a bit surprised to see that my last proper post was on 13 September and here we are on 1 November with Halloween out of the way, Guy Fawkes on the horizon and *whispers* Christmas just around the corner.

I mention Christmas only because today also marks the beginning of a book buying embargo. Because the Book God and I tend to buy each other books and DVDs and music for Christmas we have a deal that from 1 November until Boxing Day we don’t buy ourselves anything so that we can swap extensive Wish Lists. So, yesterday I bought the last book for myself before presents are exchanged, John Connolly’s Night Music: Nocturnes 2. I’m usually pretty good at sticking to this self-imposed ban, and the only exceptions are those books I’ve pre-ordered but not yet received, so new things will appear, just not unplanned purchases.

Since I last wrote a proper post I have read the princely sum of 2.5 books. Dreadful really considering that I was on holiday in Vienna for 10 days and I usually do a lot of reading when I’m away, but not this year. The reading slump is still fully in place but I’m beginning to feel vague stirrings that as the cooler weather arrives I will turn to books more and more.

And I want to blog more regularly too, so I really need to get the reading muscles exercised or I will have nothing to talk about šŸ™‚

Vienna was fantastic, by the way!

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