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sunday-salon-2It’s nearly December. How did that happen so fast?

It’s been a quiet but positive reading week for me. I have finished reading The Girl on the Train and I’ll have more to say about it when I post my review in the next day or so, but main impression is that it was a very enjoyable thriller but not the groundbreaker that marketing suggested it would be. But I did like it and who cares about marketing anyway?

I have now started reading They All Love Jack by Bruce Robinson (yes, the guy who directed Withnail and I). It’s a looong book about Jack the Ripper, a topic I have been unable to resist over the years, and I’ve made it through the first chapter which has left me with two distinct impressions (1) this author has some significant bees in his bonnet which he’s not afraid of sharing, and (2) I feel like I am being lectured by someone with the CAPS lock permanently on. I think I may have Thoughts about this when I finish it. It’s a book that may require reading in small chunks so I have identified a couple of others to bring me a bit of relief – Christopher Fowler’s book of Bryant & May short stories and Slade House by David Mitchell. The Bone Clocks was one of my favourite reads from earlier this year so I’m expecting a lot from this one.

No new books came into the house this week; feeling virtuous šŸ˜€

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