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doctorwhoSo I’ve now seen the one before the one before the last ever David Tennant episode.

And lo, it was remarkable, and worth waiting for.

As I try, and fail, to explain here.

Screen GoddessMore movie watching than usual this month:

And one TV failure

Yes, I have finally succumbed and watched Twilight.

The verdict is here.

It’s not pretty…..

robert-pattinson-418x500So following my plea to you all here, the votes are in, and (excluding Silvery Dude’s own not-counted-cos-it’s-his-fault-anyway comment) the results are 3 for, 1 against and 1 don’t know.

I am nothing if not a woman of my word and so I will give in and watch the thing……

I’ve set myself some conditions for viewing which are:

I will watch the movie before the end of October 2009;

I will not prejudge the outcome but will keep an open mind;

I will review the film fairly and honestly on Bride of the Screen God.

However, some decent chocolate and alcohol of a suitable nature must be available to sustain me during my ordeal (describing it as such kind of undermines the not-prejudging thing, but hey, that’s me, underminer-girl)

I actually have a copy of the DVD in my possession as I could see how this was going; the pouty teen angst cover is depressing me already, hence Mr Pattinson’s mug at the top of this post.

And lord help us, the sequel is out in November……

29159So I have this problem. My friend the Silvery Dude has, with his good lady wife, watched Twilight. I am now under some significant pressure, indeed, I have been dared to do likewise, because:

  • it’s Buffy meets the X-Files meets the OC (allegedly)
  • it’s a parallel universe of teen angst which must (apparently) be explored
  • it’s part of the (and I quote) “new lovey-dovey horror sub genre malarkey”

Now some of these points may be good ones (I love Buffy; I love the X-Files); but some are also bad (I care little for teen angst; I may have riposted that said parallel universe should be plunged into the nearest singularity). Also, as I understand it, these vampires are “sparkly”

There is additional evidence which needs to be take into account:

  • I am 47 years old – do I really want to be reminded about being a teenager, albeit one in love with a representative of the undead (which superficially has certain attractions)?
  • My favourite vampire film  is Near Dark – no sparkles
  • I really enjoyed (in a creeped out way) Let the Right One In – definitely no sparkles
  • I have avoided reading the books because almost everyone else has been and I am nothing if not perverse
  • at the risk of upsetting any 15-year-old girls, Robert Thingy’s eyes are too close together for genuine handsomeness
  • I don’t do romance

 Am I being unfair? Should I give it a go? Please, please, give me some advice; I promise to abide by the majority decision……..

MySisterMyLoveJoyceCaro50994_fWhile I was about a quarter of the way through this novel I happened upon an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent from a few years ago (we are woefully behind here…) which was similarly based on the Jon-Benet Ramsay murder case but took a very different approach (and guest starred the wonderful Liza Minnelli as the grieving mother); an interesting coincidence.

The L&O slant was very much a classic solve-the-murder thing, as you might expect, but My Sister, My Love is as much about family dynamics and wider society as it is about who killed a small, precociously-talented girl and why.

But it’s fair to say that this is really the story of Skyler Rampike, the older brother of Bliss Rampike, the tiny little skating prodigy who is found murdered in her parents basement not long before her seventh birthday. Skyler tells his story in the first person, and not only gives us the background to his sister’s murder (which happened when he was only nine) but the effect that it has had on him – his estrangement from his parents, his drug addiction, his myriad doctors and special schools as he becomes a problem child who has to be managed rather than a damaged youngster who needs to be looked after.

What is interesting for me is the satirical picture it paints of a certain section of society in the USA, of which I have to say I have no knowledge other than what I see on TV and read in books like this. His parents are acquisitive and have aspirations to move up in society. Skyler (and a number of the youngsters at his various schools) are diagnosed with a range of disorders and syndromes and heavily medicated, and you get the impression from Oates’ perspective that actually most of the time there isn’t really anything wrong with them at all, they are just inconveniently becoming teenagers with all that entails.

Part way through I had developed a pretty good idea of who was responsible for what happened to Bliss but not why, and being right re the culprit didn’t spoil the enjoyment of the novel for me, it’s really well-written and wonderfully put together. I’m a huge JCO fan and looking forward to working through the pile of her stuff that I have tucked away on various bookshelves in the house; happy to have started with this one.

Torchwood castSo this is a bit of a stop-gap post; things are still very busy at work and that means I haven’t been reading very much. It’ s on the cards that I won’t complete the Once Upon a Time III challenge as I still haven’t finished my second book with only a couple of days to go before it closes.

But there are some things worth recording:

But most importantly, I was lucky enough to get a ticket to a preview of the first episode of the new Torchwood series, Children of Earth. It was absolutely fabulous, and was followed by a discussion panel with John Barrowman and Eve Myles from the cast, the director Euros Lyn and Russell T Davies himself. A fantastic experience, but no spoilers here, I’ll review the whole series over at the Screen God once it’s been broadcast. But believe me, it’s going to be worth watching.

And I promise there will be some book reviews soon.

What did I think of the Other Mother in Coraline?

How dear to me was Cheri?

Did Star Trek boldly go, not once but twice?

How did Leo and Kate fare in Revolutionary Road?

Romeo+JulietSo it’s all been a bit quiet here at Bride of the Book God apart from the occasional meme (thank you Thursday Thunks) and a little bit of book buying, but not much reading going on I’m afraid. Work is very busy at the moment and I must admit that my daily commute has turned into standing (almost inevitable these days) with my iPod jammed in my ears vegetating to (admittedly good) music as a means of setting me up for or unwinding from the day. I will try to do better, especially as I am behind in various challenges….

However, all of this doesn’t mean that interesting things haven’t been happening; lots of movie-going (as covered here). There is also football (St Mirren narrowly avoiding relegation on goal difference), TV (catching up with Heroes and eagerly awaiting the season finale of Fringe which is on tonight), and theatre which is where we come to yesterday’s big treat.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to Sadler’s Wells here in London to see the Northern Ballet Theatre’s performance of Romeo and Juliet, set to Prokofiev of course (one of my favourites) as part of their 40th anniversary tour. I have a love-hate relationship with some of Shakespeare’s plays and R+J is definitely one of them – why don’t they just run away I cry to myself every time I see it. But I think it really, really works as a ballet because the heightened emotional stuff is more convincingly portrayed in dance – to my mind at least. I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle and had a little cry at the end, being hopelessly sentimental as I am.

But I really do have to get back to that tbr pile….

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