29159So I have this problem. My friend the Silvery Dude has, with his good lady wife, watched Twilight. I am now under some significant pressure, indeed, I have been dared to do likewise, because:

  • it’s Buffy meets the X-Files meets the OC (allegedly)
  • it’s a parallel universe of teen angst which must (apparently) be explored
  • it’s part of the (and I quote) “new lovey-dovey horror sub genre malarkey”

Now some of these points may be good ones (I love Buffy; I love the X-Files); but some are also bad (I care little for teen angst; I may have riposted that said parallel universe should be plunged into the nearest singularity). Also, as I understand it, these vampires are “sparkly”

There is additional evidence which needs to be take into account:

  • I am 47 years old – do I really want to be reminded about being a teenager, albeit one in love with a representative of the undead (which superficially has certain attractions)?
  • My favourite vampire film  is Near Dark – no sparkles
  • I really enjoyed (in a creeped out way) Let the Right One In – definitely no sparkles
  • I have avoided reading the books because almost everyone else has been and I am nothing if not perverse
  • at the risk of upsetting any 15-year-old girls, Robert Thingy’s eyes are too close together for genuine handsomeness
  • I don’t do romance

 Am I being unfair? Should I give it a go? Please, please, give me some advice; I promise to abide by the majority decision……..