robert-pattinson-418x500So following my plea to you all here, the votes are in, and (excluding Silvery Dude’s own not-counted-cos-it’s-his-fault-anyway comment) the results are 3 for, 1 against and 1 don’t know.

I am nothing if not a woman of my word and so I will give in and watch the thing……

I’ve set myself some conditions for viewing which are:

I will watch the movie before the end of October 2009;

I will not prejudge the outcome but will keep an open mind;

I will review the film fairly and honestly on Bride of the Screen God.

However, some decent chocolate and alcohol of a suitable nature must be available to sustain me during my ordeal (describing it as such kind of undermines the not-prejudging thing, but hey, that’s me, underminer-girl)

I actually have a copy of the DVD in my possession as I could see how this was going; the pouty teen angst cover is depressing me already, hence Mr Pattinson’s mug at the top of this post.

And lord help us, the sequel is out in November……