Drum roll please.

I have finished a whole book. Really. *Fanfare*

OK, so it was a re-read of The Shining for a book club I never made it too, but I have broken a month-long slump and hope that it’s the start of getting back to normal.

I also abandoned a book, again one I was reading for The Horror Book Club, and again I didn’t make it to the meeting (this time because I was a bit unwell). This was also a re-read, of I Am Legend which I had read before and liked but this time round found just far too bleak for the mood I have been in recently. Sticking to my guns over not going on with things I’m not enjoying because there are so many books and life is already too short to get to them all.

Still buying of course 😀

Those were all Kindle books so I can pretend they’re not real. I also pre-ordered a couple of books but I’ll talk about them when they finally appear on my device.

But hurrah! I’ve read a book!!