Still buying. Still reading. Still ahead of annual target.

Still not finishing anything 😦

Since my last post I’ve started reading a fifth book,  a non-fiction piece that I’m not sure I’ll review (or even mention at the moment because Complex Feelings), and I have added the following to Mount TBR:

Both bought as a result of readings at the SRFC at the end of August. Love that group, not sure my credit card agrees 😀

Then on Tuesday I found myself stuck in Birmingham with quite a lot of time to kill before my train back to London, and the splendid New Street branch of Waterstones beckoned and I couldn’t walk out without buying something, so this happened:

The first two were on my wish-list already but the Mitchell was a lovely surprise; she is one of my absolute favourite crime writers and I have never come across this one before so this was exciting.

And finally, just because I could:

Really must do better 🙂