sunday-salon-2It’s been a very quiet reading week due to social stuff (mostly a very boozy chat with London and New York friends about books in a swish hotel on the South Bank) and lots and lots of work, plus quite a bit of movie watching.


I’m currently involved in two challenges:

  • the TBR Double Dog – finished my eighth (and first physical) book of the year today, and took delivery of the new Neil Gaiman (pre-ordered last year so technically OK) – feeling virtuous
  • the 2015 Horror Reading Challenge – nothing new this week but a couple of interesting things on the horizon.

In progress

My current reads are shown on the blog sidebar; pleased to have finished my first book of the month and I am definitely in a short story mood.


Nothing literary this week (apart from boozy night out mentioned previously, where two of us ganged up on a third to make them see they MUST read Wolf Hall) though I have things of interest coming up in the next few weeks.

The Jonathan Strange Update

Shock horror! I have read a bit more of this and am now on *gasp* page 148 so nothing to get too excited about but it is progress, people, and not to be sniffed at!


Nothing abandoned since my last post.

So let’s see what this week brings…..