Clean Your ReaderSo I was working my way through my feed reader this morning and I came across this challenge via Elizabeth Michelle (who is also taking part) and I couldn’t resist as it both fits in with the TBR dare (stuff I already own) and highlights something I’m very conscious of –  just because you can’t see the books on your e-reader doesn’t mean they aren’t there, lurking and (sometimes) forgotten and (often) unread.

Clean Your Reader – sign-up

  • What’s your e-reader of choice? – the Kindle app on my iPad Air
  • What e-books or e-book deals are you incapable of saying no to? – I’m usually OK with deals, I just can’t resist recommendations from other bloggers, especially for short stories which I really enjoy as e-books (for reasons i can’t adequately explain).
  • How many e-books are you going to try to tackle in January? – a minimum of four, hopefully six.