IMG_0202Yes, it’s time for the obligatory “ooh, look what I got for Christmas” post when we all share our lovely presents which we are thrilled by, but still manage to gaze enviously at everyone else’s haul (or is that just me?)

So here we go, the Book God having been most generous once again:

  • Grace: a memoir by Grace Coddington – models, fashion, Vogue, jet-setting, all that jazz.
  • The Watchers by Stephen Alford – the spies and other secretive types who protected Elizabeth I
  • Fires of Faith by Eamon Duffy – revising the reign of Mary Tudor
  • Havisham by Ronald Frame – because, you know, its Miss Havisham plus (actually mostly) Ronald Frame, one of my absolutely favourite and shamefully under-appreciated authors
  • Jack Glass by Adam Roberts – sic-fi, murder and the year’s most beautiful cover
  • The Legend of Elizabeth Siddal by Jan Marsh – can’t get enough of those pre-Raphaelites
  • Heart of Iron by Ekaterina Sedia – steampunk
  • Under My Hat, edited by Jonathan Strahan – short stories, witches, Neil Gaiman et al
  • In Tearing Haste, edited by Charlotte Moseley – the letters of Debo Mitford and Patrick Leigh Fermor (I love reading other people’s letters)

So rather pleased with all of those, just need to settle down and get reading. Looking forward to seeing all your presents too!