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The CallingI sometimes worry that in the highly unlikely event that I became a suspect in a murder case the police would turn up chez Bride, look at the number of books (both fiction and non-fiction) that I have about serial killers and huckle me off immediately, convinced they had me bang to rights.

And The Calling is another one of those. Set in Canada, a country for which I have had a fascination bordering on obsession since I was quite small (I may have mentioned this before), its the story of a series of murders which are only connected when our heroine, for it is a she, DI Hazel Micallef, spots a link and there’s a race against time (as always) to catch the killer before he strikes again.

I’m a bit ambivalent about this one, and not entirely sure why. I read it on holiday and the setting and all-round grimness jarred a bit with the warm Italian sunshine – though it didn’t stop me cracking through the story. I thought the conceit behind the murders was quite clever, and the killer himself interesting in his motivations, I like Hazel in many ways, sympathising with her back pain and her having to share a home with her mother, but she was also pretty irritating at times – the thing with her ex-husband I could understand I suppose but if I’d been the second wife I would probably have been unable to resist smacking her one.

It is not at all bad but I will admit after a a couple of months that I struggled a bit to remember the details but it was good to read at the time. I may give the next one in the series a try, but not just yet.

Ink in the BloodA tiny wee review for a short but compelling ebook. Ink in the Blood is Hilary Mantel’s diary of her hospital experiences when seriously ill a few years ago. It’s an unflinching portrayal of what must have been a horrible experience, but Mantel brings her unique perspective to her situation, the hallucinations and other effects of medication, as well as the books she is reading.

Favourite line = “Which makes me ask, what kind of wuss was Woolf?”

Having seen a brilliant interview with her earlier this year (I think) I have a serious girl crush on Hilary Mantel – if only I could just finish Wolf Hall…….

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