dkc_button2Couldn’t resist this one being a fan of all things Gaiman, though I’m sure I’ll come to regret signing up for all of these challenges! Anyhow, I would love to finally commit to re-reading the whole of The Sandman series alongside the companion by Hy Bender, and I might yet do so, but at the moment that seems a step too far. So I’m currently planning to read as an Acolyte, which means reading three works from three different categories, plus watching one movie. My list is:

Novel = The Graveyard Book

Young adult/Children’s = The Dangerous Alphabet [actually turned out to be Blueberry Girl, though I might read both…]

Graphic = Neverwhere or Murder Mysteries

Movie = Coraline or Stardust (depending on when the former comes out in the UK) [turned out to be Coraline]