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tennant-hamlet1So Saturday night was interesting; the Book God and I having our first grown-up evening out for what seemed like ages, heading off to the bright lights of London to see the RSC’s production of Hamlet. I bought the tickets for this back in the summer, largely because of a strong desire to see David Tennant in the flesh (what can I say, I’m at that difficult age) but also because I love going to the theatre and don’t get enough of a chance to do so despite working on the edge of London’s exciting Theatreland. But of course Mr Tennant (like the Book God) has had a back injury and not been performing. Still, RSC productions are always well-worth seeing, and I was looking forward to the evening.

And I was right, it turned out to be an excellent production, particularly Patrick Stewart as Claudius and Oliver Ford Davies as Polonius. But two events turned a good evening into a great one: (1) spotting Sir Ian Mackellen in the audience (99.9% certain it was him; even the Book God, notorious for not recognising anyone, said “Isn’t that Gandalf?”) and (2) the producer coming on stage at the beginning to announce that David Tennant would be performing after all! And he was even better than I expected….

_45343451_newdoctor282Then we rushed home to watch a recording of Dr Who Confidential to find out who the new Doctor would be.

I think the choice of Matt Smith is a really interesting one, and having seen him interviewed and his obvious enthusiasm for the role I am now definitely looking forward to the post-Tennant era.

And I promise that’s the last word on Dr Who related matters …… for a while at least.

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