death-of-lady-macbethIf I can put it like that. I haven’t posted for a bit (although looking at my stats it hasn’t been quite as long as I thought) for the simple reason that I haven’t actually been reading – and not just not reading very much but not reading at all. This is awful, and can mainly be put down to two things:

  • an incapacitated Book God (back injury plus bronchitis) which has meant all the chores falling to me (the poor thing has really been in the wars so I shouldn’t complain!)
  • what feels like a horrendous workload (especially so close to Christmas)
  • all the Christmas preparations themselves

And all of this has made me think – what can I do to get myself back in the reading habit again?  First thoughts are that I should try and carve out some dedicated reading time for myself and not rely too much on my daily commute, which is going to change significantly later in 2009 anyway, but I’m sure there is more that I can do…..

Suggestions welcome from anyone who has been through this themselves!