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shots-logo_180So the final part of my grand master plan to get reading again is to sign up for Rob’s 100 Shots of Short challenge. Really straightforward – just read 100 short stories as and when possible.

I have always enjoyed short stories; I know that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I think they can be very rewarding, and I go back to some of my genre favourites in particular quite often. One thing I’ve never really got to grips with is the best way to read a collection – read one story and put the book down, or plunge in as if it was a novel. I’ve done both over the years and really can’t decide…..

But I’m sure, however I decide to do it, that 2 stories a week over a year is a manageable target, don’t you think?

scifiexp09150So Carl has announced his Sci-Fi Experience for 2009, which will run from January 1 until February 28. I had already decided to sign up for the 42 Challenge and I think the two will sit very nicely together.

No lists but reviews of any sci-fi stuff I happen to read or watch, linked appropriately. I don’t really need much encouragement to read in this genre; as well as my own stash I have the Book God’s extensive collection built up over many years which I can dip into, and there are already some intriguing possibilities beginning to emerge.

One thing I would like to do as part of these two challenges is read more sci-fi written by women; I’m thinking of Octavia Butler, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Kate Wilhelm, Sherri S Tepper to name a few – any other suggestions in this area gratefully 42challengebigreceived.

And as for TV and movies, well the Dr Who Christmas special will be worth watching again and pondering on, and we’ll just have to see what other delights come across screens big and small between now and next December……..

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