The challenge for this week was to take some photos and post on them, linking to other blogs participating in the challenge.

I wanted to do something book-related but a little different from the piles of books I photograph for my monthly purchase update.

So the photo I have taken is of my reading chair – a bit dull perhaps but some significant books have been read in this chair – complete with footstool, cushions and a selection of blankets for those winter days when the ankles can get a bit cold. If you look closely you can see numerous piles of books  in the background – these are stacked on the floor while we go through the process of commissioning bespoke bookshelves having finally admitted that we’ve run out of room. That might be a future post (or two) so watch this space.

I was pleased to see Karen’s post which gave me comfort that I’m not the only person with a significant tbr pile.

I meant to take a few more pictures but got sidetracked by work stuff so this will have to do for now. But just you wait until those bookshelves are installed……