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This month’s book haul, in no particular order:

Lost Boy, Lost Girl by Peter Straub – I read quite a few of Straub’s novels when I was a student but haven’t picked one up in a while; Stephen King thinks this “may be the best book of [Straub’s] career” and that’s a recommendation I find difficult to ignore

Queen of Fashion by Caroline Weber – I think I looked for this after a recommendation from Danielle at A Work in Progress, and having dipped in I think it was a wise decision; I’m going to enjoy this one

The Mitfords – Letters Between Six Sisters edited by Charlotte Mosley – I think it’s about time I had a Mitford read-a-thon and this might just be the book to trigger it off

The Vikings by Jonathan Clemens – always been a bit keen on Vikings, but as to whether they were the last pagans or the first modern Europeans, we’ll have to wait and see….

Albion: The Last Good Companion by Patrick McCormack – can’t remember which blog this was recommended on but I thought it looked like a new approach to an old story

Ghost by Robert Harris – I haven’t read much Harris but I heard him being interviewed on the radio about this one and it sounds interesting

Flesh House by Stuart MacBride – the fourth Logan Macrae, set once again in Aberdeen and environs, but this time with cannibalism thrown in

The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman – illustrated by Gris Grimley, a lovely alphabet book for children with a Gothic sensibility as you would expect.


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