So Weekly Geek #6 is about catching-up; the suggestion is actually to catch up with reviews but I’m up to date with those (I generally like to post my reaction soon after I’ve finished a book because I have a memory like a sieve and if it isn’t written down who knows what will happen to those carefully considered thoughts…..).

But all is not lost because I am very behind in my reading, particularly in relation to the various challenges I’ve started:

  • Once Upon a Time II = 3/5
  • Novella Challenge = 3/6
  • Becky’s Arthurian Challenge = haven’t started yet
  • Non-fiction Five  = still reading the first one

See what I mean? So this week I am going to try to finish the three books I’m reading for challenges, plus the book of short stories I’ve had on the go for what seems like forever, and I’ll post back here towards the end of the week on how I’ve got on. Wish me luck!