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photoThe Adoration of Jenna Fox is a bit of a milestone for me, as it’s the first book I read from start to finish using the Kindle app on my iPad. When the Book God and I went on holiday to Italy in September with my brother the Stanley Scot and his Good Lady we had to limit luggage and so we decided to leave physical books behind and rely on electronic means, and I have to say it was a huge success.

I read all of this in the hotel we stayed at in Spoleto.

This is a YA novel and tells the story of Jenna Fox, who has somehow survived a terrible accident and is rebuilding her life in a new community, and about her struggle to remember what happened and to deal with the oddities that surround her, because there is clearly something going on around her that she doesn’t understand, and she is somehow special.

I really enjoyed this one, the mix of teenage angst and science fiction worked well for me, and I found myself really liking Jenna (though wanting to give her a real shake on occasion). As with  lot of YA fiction the writing is clear and direct and just the sort of thing for a holiday read – I finished it in a couple of sittings.

I believe that there is already a sequel and may get that on Kindle at a later stage, as I’d be interested to see where the author takes this given that (in my opinion anyway) the ending didn’t really leave much of an opening.

Astonishingly I haven’t talked about books that I have read at all this year, my last one being Mister Creecher in December, so it’s nice to not only have finished a book but to be able to talk about it. And this is going to be an interesting one as I feel as if almost everyone in the world who is likely to read The Hunger Games has already done so, and I came to the book having read quite a bit already about the film version which will come out very soon.

I’m not really going to talk about the story as that’s kind of out there already because of the huge popularity of the trilogy and the film and the internet chatter about who is playing whom and what changes may have been made. And I suppose in some respects its difficult to give a full review to a book which clearly doesn’t stand alone; it ends at a point where you can guess that the story is going to take off in another direction.

I’m also aware of the criticism some have made of the author and whether she had or hadn’t read (or seen) Battle Royale which has similar themes (though I may not be competent to comment on as I haven’t seen/read it) and should therefore have acknowledged its influence.

So I read it with all this stuff in the background and the distractions perhaps made it difficult to get into the story but once I did get involved I really wanted to find out who was going to survive. It has real pace and some very interesting observations on how people behave when they are forced to fight not just for their own survival but the fate of their community as well.

Katniss is a very attractive heroine and there are some fabulous supporting characters, but it felt unfinished to me because it’s clearly part of a sequence and perhaps I can only really take a complete view when I’ve read the other two, which I fully attend to do. However, I did enjoy it and do want to know how the whole thing turns out.

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