IMG_0335Happy New Year to everyone that I haven’t said it to already! I hope that everyone is geared up for 2016. I’ve been doing some thinking and planning and hoping to read a lot more than I managed in 2015 (though actually I was only 4 short of my target of 52 books so think what I might have achieved if I hadn’t had that awful reading slump).

So what’s been happening since my last post? Well…

My last read of the year was Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, which I re-read after many years specifically so I could enjoy the three-part adaptation that was on the BBC over the Christmas weekend. My thoughts on the book and the programme can be found here.

I am now in full challenge mode, reading only stuff I owned at midnight on 31 December whether to help clean up my e-reader or as part of the Triple Dog Dare, both of which I have mentioned before. Although not required by either of those challenges, I have put in place a buying embargo for the full three months, so of course that meant a quick flurry of expenditure in the short window between Christmas and New Year, where I bought the following from my wish list:

I also bought a couple of short eBooks to help me develop my journalling; I’ve been keeping a daily diary for a few years now but want to get more out of it this year to help me cope with the mental health issues which blew up in 2015.

I’m still steadily working my way through The Three Body Problem and the Jack the Ripper book, and I’m about to start reading The Troop for the first Horror Book Club meeting in 10 days time. These are all eBooks so I’m also in the process of identifying a physical book to have on hand. That iPad has to charge sometime.

So here’s to a good reading year for all of us 😀