sunday-salon-2I haven’t made a huge amount of progress since last week’s post. In terms of books it was:

  • 1 finished (Slade House, which I loved),
  • 1 progressed ( the Jack the Ripper book, which is proving to be as entertainingly mad as I had been led to believe), and
  • 1 started (Stephen King short stories which I am galloping through at a rate of knots, if you don’t mind a mixed metaphor)

so not at all bad.

In keeping with the pre-Christmas buying embargo I have not brought any new books into the house, and all the bookish shaped Christmas presents are hidden away, waiting to be wrapped for the big day itself.

In the next few days I’ll be publishing my sign-up posts for the challenges I mentioned last week but I’m going to break with my usual habit and not make any reading lists; I’m going to spend the first 3 months reading whatever takes my fancy, apart from a couple of book club reads which I already have anyway.

And I finally published my thoughts on The Girl on the Train if you are at all interested; the link is here.