sunday-salon-2Another quiet reading week, with progress made on the Mitchell and Robinson books I mentioned in last week’s post, and I also finished the Bryant & May short stories this morning. I’ve been mostly working at home and it’s clear that I miss the natural reading time that commuting into London gave me (it’s amazing what you can read in a 25 minute train journey twice a day), so I have to find a way to carve out time in my home-working day.

The coming week should be better because I not only have a day in London but a trip to Manchester, and although I tend to work on the way there I always read on the way back, and that’s nearly 3 hours, so surely I can male a dent in something πŸ™‚

I’m behind on my blogging, still haven’t written up my thoughts on The Girl on the Train and now have the short story volume post to write to; may get to one of those this evening.

I am going to sign up to some parallel challenges:

  • The TBR Double Dog Dare – 3 months of only reading what I own at midnight on 31 December. I may run a buying embargo alongside this but not sure – maybe only for January;
  • The 2016 Sci-Fi Experience – not really a challenge and already underway (started on 1 December) I’m being realistic and only participating seriously in January;
  • The Clean Your Reader Challenge which is basically the same as the TBR one in intention and timing, the difference being its the stuff on your Kindle that you’ve forgotten about. Oh, and there’s a lot on mine, believe me.

Mysterious packages are coming into the all the time now as Christmas presents are delivered, but I haven’t bought anything for myself since mid-November. Feeling smugly virtuous.