sunday-salon-2A very quiet week where I just haven’t been reading very much.

Having said that I’m actually in the middle of Tony & Susan by Austin Wright as recommended by @jpsmythe (excellent author via Twitter) and have just started Housekeeping vs the Dirt by Nick Hornby because when not sure about what to read the best thing (IMHO) is to read about stuff that others have been reading (albeit what they were reading 10 years ago).

I did finish one very short book though, The Art of Stillness by Pico Ayer, recommended by my friend Silvery Dude which I will read again I’m sure, much to think about in terms of disconnecting from modern life when you can. This is one of only (only!) two books that made it into the house this week (the other being Forensics by Val McDermid which looks great.)

Oh, and I joined a thing, The Horror Book Club which meets in central London. None of my friends read horror really, so I’m hoping this is both an excuse and an outlet. I will be throwing myself into The Hellbound Heart for my first meeting in June, I’ve never read much Barker so hoping this will be fun.

And finally, some of you will remember my struggles with Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, famously abandoned after two separate attempts. Well, the TV adaptation starts on the BBC this evening, and I’m going to watch it. Lets see if that’s more successful than reading it 🙂