sunday-salon-2Last week passed in a bit of a blur with Bank Holidays and conferences and General Elections and parties and days off. Don’t quite know where I am…

Challenges: I still haven’t started my reading for Once Upon a Time IX but I will get there soon. Honestly. And I really really mean it this week 🙂

In progress: I have been working my way steadily through the crime novels of Richard Montanari whom I mentioned last week, and much to my surprise (because I had fully intended to take a break halfway) I have now read six out of the eight published. Really enjoying them but planning to pick up something different for a change of pace. Probably Tony & Susan by Austin Wright which came recommended from a couple of people fairly recently.

New Books I’ve bought eleven book since the beginning of the month but to be fair five of those were the Monatanaris mentioned above, two were pre-orders and one is for a book club read in June. So in my twisted logic they somehow don’t count 😀