sunday-salon-2Pleased to say that after a few weeks of not reading very much I have started to get back into the swing of things


I still haven’t started my reading for Once Upon a Time IX but I will get there soon. Honestly.

In progress:

As I said the last time I posted, I pulled Child 44 from my TBR pile so that I could read it in advance of the film being released in the next few weeks, but good grief it’s grim and depressing and absolutely not the thing I wanted at the moment so I have set it aside. And I’ve just heard a review of the film which suggests it’s boring so I may just ignore it all together.

What I am actually reading is a non-fiction memoir-y sort of thing about stationery. Yes, stationery. The first chapter is a short history of the paperclip and it is great, so a piece of light relief.

What has got my reading  mojo is discovering an American author new to me called Richard Montanari. I’m working my way through his gritty serial killer Byrne and Balzano novels and they’re really great fun (if books that are based on lots of people being killed horribly can be said to be fun, but I love that sort of stuff). I have polished off the first two and just started the third. Of eight.

New Books

I’ve bought a lot of books in April but who cares; I don’t 😀


Since my last post I’ve managed to miss (because of work and health issues) a couple of bookish events, but I did make it to Waterstones in Piccadilly to hear Sarah Pinborough interview Deborah Harkness and Victoria Schwab about their new London-based novels. I haven’t read either of them before though I was thrilled to find out that I have one of Deborah H’s non-fiction books about science in the 16th century which is my sort of thing.

So looks like I’m getting back to normal, but we shall see 🙂