sunday-salon-2Reading still a bit slow this week though, having briefly set it aside because I really wanted to finish it but wasn’t quite in the right frame of mind, I galloped through the second half of Frances Hardinge’s Cuckoo Song which was very enjoyable in a dark and creepy sort of way 🙂

But this week, because I was only at work for two days and the rest of the time I was on a break, I have mainly been binge-watching TV on my iPad which has been very relaxing.


I still haven’t started my reading for Once Upon a Time IX but have at least selected the book I’m going to start with, so that’s progress of sorts, and I’m considering whether the Hardinge could be included in this challenge (given it’s about a changeling) as well as the horror reading challenge. I probably won’t decide until I actually sit down to write my review.

In progress:

I have pulled Child 44 from my TBR pile so that I can read it in advance of the film being released in the next few weeks, but good grief it’s grim and depressing and I’m only working through it very slowly indeed.

New Books

I’ve bought four or five books this week though it’s worth pointing out that two of them were pre-orders. I also managed to walk into a physical book shop and after some browsing walk out without buying anything. I had to lie down in a dark room afterwards to cope with the shock 😀

All back to normal this week, so hopefully more reading time.