sunday-salon-2Reading slumped a bit this week and I haven’t read anything much at all over this Easter weekend, which is a shame. But I did finish reading the new Christopher Fowler novel (Bryant & May and The Burning Man) and thoroughly enjoyed it (though I haven’t written my post on it just yet).


I completed the TBR Double Dog challenge; my wrap-up post is here if you’re interested in how I did. I also completed the King’s March challenge and was pleased with the three novels and two short stories I read in the month. I really like these shorter, more focused challenges and may look out for some more.

I still haven’t started my reading for Once Upon a Time IX but have at least selected the book I’m going to start with, so that’s progress of sorts.

Oh, and I did write up the first quarterly update on my progress with the 2015 Horror Reading Challenge which you can find here. I was slightly astonished at the number of horror titles I’ve read since the beginning of January, I must really be in the mood for the darkness 🙂

In progress

I am still reading the Hardinge novel which I’m now about halfway through. But I have decided to abandon both Jane Eyre and The Voyage Out; I just don’t have time to spend on books I’m not enjoying. I know I’ll come back to Woolf in the future, as I keep on talking about a major re-read of her works, but I may write a DNF post on the Bronte to talk about why I’ve given it up.

New Books

So the self-imposed book-buying embargo finished on 31 March and I did indeed go on a bit of a spree, downloading a number of eBooks. It was very enjoyable and nice to carry out a major refresh of my TBR stack but I’m not going o make a habit of it 😀 (says she, fingers crossed!)