happy-birthday-chocolate-cake-4Yes, astoundingly Bride of the Book God is 8 years old today. I having been trying hard to remember what I might have been doing when I was actually 8 way back in 1970 but it made my brain ache so I’ll postpone that sort of thing to my actual birthday in a couple of weeks’ time.

But 8 years of blogging, still at it, still enjoying it and still reading up a storm though currently (due to illness and work and life and stuff) I’m currently behind with my reviews. I have still to tell you all about:

  • the one that’s a timey-wimey-metaphysical-thriller
  • the one that’s a weird-horror-short-story-anthology
  • the one that’s an academic-investigating-the-life-of-a-long-dead-poet-novel
  • the one that’s paranormal-civil-servanty-espionage
  • the one that’s Japanese military sci-fi

Anything there pique your interest? I’m off to have some virtual birthday cake. Thank you for reading. 😀