Costa-Book-Awards-LogoI don’t normally pay a huge amount of attention to book awards (well, I keep a bit of a weather eye on the Booker, who doesn’t?) but I was interested to see that for once we actually had a couple of the Costa category winners already chez Bride:

  • the first novel winner, Elizabeth is Missing, which I bought ages ago based on a  recommendation in a blog somewhere (I’m sure) and which will now be hoiked to (near) the top of Mount TBR; and
  • the children’s book winner, Five Children on the Western Front, which the Book God finished and enjoyed over the holidays (he’s a bit of an E Nesbit fan, I’ve only ever read The Railway Children)

I quite like the sound of the Ali Smith novel, The Ghosts of Heaven is already on my wish list (I’m not buying books at the moment) but none of the others are grabbing me at the moment. Wonder what will win.