Another selection of recent short reads

IMG_0139Edie Investigates by Nick Harkaway

This short story features Edie Banister, elderly lady with a past full of derring-do and at present involved in investigating (unofficially of course) a rather unusual murder. This is either a teaser for or an outtake from Angelmaker, the novel in which Edie features heavily. As such it’s very enjoyable and it was lovely to meet Edie again, but I would recommend you get your hands on the novel which I read a year or so ago and thought was absolutely wonderful.

IMG_0183_2The Face at the Window by Louise Welsh

A collection of three short ghostly stories originally written for BBC radio (and broadcast on Radio 4 I believe). I enjoyed them (I do like a ghostly tale) and found them atmospheric but wonder if they wouldn’t have been even better read aloud on a grey chill winter afternoon. Louise Welsh is becoming one of my favourite authors and it was good to read some of her shorter fiction.