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Reading WomanSo I may have mentioned that I’ve been on holiday for a few weeks and have done quite  bit of reading, mostly for Carl’s RIP IX challenge (my proposed book list for that is here and so far I’ve read six and have started on a seventh of the books mentioned with a week to go). One of the things that often happen after my annual break is I start thinking about what I might want to read over the next few months. I also usually buy some new books as I can’t resist popping into every bookshop I can see, and this year has been no exception on either count.

New books

A modest pile for me:

but there have also been various Kindle downloads too numerous to mention which would crank the number up if I could make the effort to list them all.

Reading lists

My reading has been very genre heavy this year, which isn’t a bad thing but I feel the need to stretch my wings a little bit.

There are five or six novels which my friend Silvery Dude has been pushing me to read, so that’s a list in itself (including Game of Thrones which I mentioned here, as well as Tigerman, Little Star and Norwegian Wood, which might lead me to a Japanese focussed list as I also have some unread Mishima which has been gathering dust in the stacks for donkey’s years).

I would also like to finish working my way through The Big Re-Read, a personal challenge which I talk about here and which has been chuntering on for ages.

I am also very keen to focus on a couple of my favourite authors, including a re-read of Virginia Woolf and attacking my backlog of Joyce Carol Oates’ books (she is so prolific, I can’t keep up).

But first I would like to do some reading in November around World War I. I probably won’t re-read A Testament of Youth which had a huge impact on me when I was in my late teens, but though the Royle book mentioned above plus a couple of novels (Helen Zenna Smith is somewhere on my shelves) but I haven’t thought it through as yet.

I always find it difficult to strike a balance between planning my reading and keeping some spontaneity so we’ll see how it works this time round!

www_wednesdays4I’ve been (and actually still am) on holiday (though back home now after a fortnight of comfortable hotels and working my way through a menu consisting largely of British wildlife) and thought I’d ease myself gently back into blogging by answering these three questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

What am I currently reading?

Murder by Sarah Pinborough, on Kindle. It’s the sequel to Mayhem which I read and enjoyed last year (my review is here). I’m about 20% of the way through and enjoying it though reading has slowed down as I’m still unpacking and sorting laundry and all that post-holiday stuff that we all enjoy so much.

What did I recently finish reading?

The Book of Whispering Spirits by Jeff Ferrell. Purchased on Kindle largely because of the Abigail Larson cover illustration (I love her work very much) and also because I really enjoy short stories. A review will follow in the next few days I’m sure.

What do I think I’ll read next?

I’m pondering a number of choices but as I’m still in the throes of RIP IX I suspect I’ll pick up The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd next.

Book-Blog-Walkers-2014I’m using this post to keep track of my walking during October as part of the Book Blog Walkers thingy. My final tally for September can be found here.

I am on holiday for three weeks (hurrah) so although I will be walking (a lot, probably) updates will be at a minimum until I get back.

Week 1 (Sep 29)

  • 22 km
  • 5:32 hours

Week 2 (Oct 6)

  • 12.3 km
  • 3:40 hours

Week 3 (Oct 13)

  • 3.7 km
  • 1:14 hours

The totals for the previous 2 weeks are the absolute minimum walked. The app I use to track myself is on my phone which of course requires a suitable connection and for a lot of the time I was in the middle of nowhere, when I wasn’t actually in the back of beyond 🙂

Week 4 (Oct 20)

  • 7.8 km
  • 1:54 hours

Week 5 (Oct 27)

  • 18 km
  • 4:17 hours

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