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Book-Blog-Walkers-2014I’m using this post to keep track of my walking during October as part of the Book Blog Walkers thingy. My final tally for September can be found here.

I am on holiday for three weeks (hurrah) so although I will be walking (a lot, probably) updates will be at a minimum until I get back.

Week 1 (Sep 29)

  • 22 km
  • 5:32 hours

Week 2 (Oct 6)

  • 12.3 km
  • 3:40 hours

Week 3 (Oct 13)

  • 3.7 km
  • 1:14 hours

The totals for the previous 2 weeks are the absolute minimum walked. The app I use to track myself is on my phone which of course requires a suitable connection and for a lot of the time I was in the middle of nowhere, when I wasn’t actually in the back of beyond 🙂

Week 4 (Oct 20)

  • 7.8 km
  • 1:54 hours

Week 5 (Oct 27)

  • 18 km
  • 4:17 hours

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