Updated to show how I did

IWORAT726‘ve just come across this monthly event which is hosted by The Book Vixen (thanks to The Writerly Reader), and which is all about dedicating two days a month to sorting out all of those unwritten, unfinished or unpublished reviews lurking around. Most months I’m OK but I’m a little behind in July so by close of tomorrow (Sunday 27 July) I aim to have written and scheduled the following:

Over at Bride of the Screen God

  • How to Train Your Dragon [Written and published]

Here at Bride of the Book God

  • Before I Go to Sleep [Written and published]
  • The Gospel of Loki [Written and scheduled]
  • The Gone-Away World [Written and scheduled]

and if I finish it this weekend

  • The Girl With All the Gifts [Not yet finished]

I also need to plan out my reading list for the revival of August Crime Month after a hiatus of *gulp* has it really been 4 YEARS. How did that happen? And does that mean that I haven’t had enough crime months to make it a tradition?