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IMG_0349So I stuck this photo up on Facebook earlier this evening as a reminder to myself of the size of the task before me, and I know I said it the last time I posted here but I really really mean it this time. I am going to finish all of my outstanding reviews by the end of the year and either publish or have them scheduled so that I can start 2014 with as clear a state as possible. I don’t mind things leaching over from one year to the next but I read some of these books (and watched some of these films) way way back in September and a grip must be got.

In terms of what I’m reading now, just finishing off Sixty-One Nails (recommended by both the Book God and Silvery Dude and extremely enjoyable). Talking of Silvery Dude, he and I have just had a Twitter exchange about Stoner, the book everyone seems to be talking about which is why I’m not reading it (yet). My tendency not to read in the crowd is probably the reason why I am only just picking up The Thirteenth Tale (though that may have much to do with the TV adaptation which will be on over Christmas with Olivia Colman and Vanessa Redgrave). It looks like being one of the highlights alongside Doctor Who, Sherlock and The Tractate Middoth (the one I am most looking forward too *gasp*!)

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