So it’s been slightly over a month since I last posted here and something similar over at Bride of the Screen God. This was an unplanned break due largely to dealing with a range of health issues (all diagnosed and manageable but nevertheless unsettling), a heavy workload and then disappearing for three weeks on holiday in Scotland with the Book God. So I now find myself with a backlog of ten book and five film reviews which I’m hoping to sort out so that I can get back on schedule by early December. Lots of good things to read and see while I was away from the blog and although the reviews may be a wee bit shorter than normal I do want to try and cover everything if possible. Will be very interesting to see how much I’ve retained about some of the older stuff; at least one of the movies goes back to August Bank Holiday which doesn’t seem that long ago in some respects but the gap will certainly weed out those that had a lingering impact. I hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming up, especially all the RIP reads!