StardustReadAlongAs part of Carl’s annual Once Upon a Time Challenge (more of which tomorrow) he has delightfully set up a group read of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust and although my record on read-alongs (I refer you to the Wolf Hall debacle) I am going to have a go because it is a short and hugely enjoyable (and did I say short?) book.

The schedule for the group read will be:

  • April 1-9th: Prologue through the end of Chapter 5.
  • April 10th: Discussion over first half (roughly) of the story
  • April 10th-16th: Chapter 6 through the Epilogue.
  • April 17th: Discussion over the second half of the book and wrap up.

I’m then going to try to watch the film version which I have had for ages but not got around to watching.

Should all be great fun.