420955_285295161542865_1639669432_nSo today my little blog is six years old, and I am very pleased with what it’s managed to achieve under the benign neglect of its erstwhile parent (which is an indication that its probably a good thing that I don’t have children in real life). It started off as a bit of an experiment in a year that (looking back now) was difficult for me in some ways but was also a turning point, and I’m thrilled that, despite some genuine reading slumps, its still going from strength to strength.

2013 has started off strongly in terms of reading and I hope that continues. My main resolution is to respond better to comments and to comment more on other blogs and that’s going well so far too.

I will turn 51 in a couple of weeks time and I’m pretty pleased about that as well; I rather like being middle-aged and am continuing to become ever more disreputable.

So here’s to another year of good books and good conversation!

Oh, and the cake is from my 50th birthday party last January (just in case you’re interested – I always like to know about cake!)